Face Off Theatre Company 2016 – 2017 Season

FOTCseason-[WEB]On the heels of a successful first season, we are proud to announce our 2016-2017 season!  The second season will include two beloved classics from within the Black American theatre canon and two culturally relevant, newer works.  With this second season Face Off looks to build off of the strong start of its kick off 2015-2016 season. Check out what’s coming up for FOTC below!


The Colored Museum by George C. Wolfe:

THE COLORED MUSEUM is a play that demonstrates the common stereotypical misconceptions of the African American experience. Written in the 1980s, the author, George C. Wolfe examines the portrayal of African Americans over time. The play presents dynamic characters that harness the heart and soul of pride in their culture. Comprised of 11 scenes or “exhibits,” the audience is taken on a journey of oppression and racism in a comedic yet thought provokingly impactful fashion.


Dreamgirls    Music by Henry Krieger; Book and Lyrics by Tom Even

Dreamgirls is the story of three black singers – Deena, Lorrell, and Effie who began as a group called the Dreamettes. They start as three talented, close friends and gradually sharpen their act and rename themselves “The Dreams”. Little do they know of the hard, competitive world of show business.


Detroit 67  by Dominique Morriseau:

Journey to 1967, in the city of Detroit. Motown music is getting the party started, and Chelle and her brother Lank are making ends meet by turning their basement into an after-hours joint. But when a mysterious woman finds her way into their lives, the

siblings clash over much more than the family business. As their pent up feelings erupt, so does their city, and they find themselves caught in the middle of the ’67 riots.


Family/Youth Series-Brave No World:  Community. Identity. Stand-Up Comedy. by Laurie Brooks:

Popular high-school senior John has a secret: He loves books. But he’s afraid to tell anyone for fear it’ll ruin his “angry-cool” reputation. When his mother remarries, John is suddenly step-sibling with Lexie, an honor student who couldn’t be more his opposite. Their many differences-from their upbringing and skin color to musical interests and friends-lead each to make flawed assumptions about the other. But when John and Lexie least expect it, they discover the old adage “never judge a book by its cover” still rings true. Mixing powerful storytelling and contemporary music with stand-up comedy “rants” about culture and society inspired by such literary classics as To Kill a Mockingbird, The Invisible Man and Brave New World, this imaginative new work asserts that if you look beneath the surface, you’ll see that the world is what YOU make it…and the time to start creating it is NOW.