What attracts most people to art? They feel like they can relate to it in some form or way. Well, what if you were in it?

Black Arts and Cultural Center is bringing immersive art exhibits, where, starting September 8th people can come see art exhibits celebrating Blacks Lives Matter. But guess what? We need artists to help us!

We are looking for artists who can collaborate with others to come help us create a memorable experience! We are doing Immersive Art to celebrate Black Lives Matter and put emphasis on our cause. We are also looking for artists who can paint with detail, and paint items such as the following photos:

The reason why you should join, is to help us give others thought on our cause. We are looking for immersive artists who can draw emotion through their work and give others something to think about even after they leave. We are also looking for our artists to be able to work with others and do group projects.

Would you like to team up together to make interactive art? Fill out the form below. We’ll need your email, name, phone #, the times you’re available, and of of course, to know if you’re an artist, so we can reach out to you. Don’t wait! Click the link now!