The Black Arts & Cultural Center has a true historical gem in the Black Cowboy exhibit and wants to share the opportunity with other organizations to help spread art, culture, and history to our community.  We want to give others the chance to instill a deeper appreciation of the African American Cowboy experience through the historical collection Mr. Murphy Darden by producing innovative and educational exhibits that celebrates the contributions and accomplishments of the African American Cowboy.

If interested in showcasing this exhibit please contact the BACC at (269) 349-1035 or via email at


A Long Hard Ride into History

Description: A Long Hard Ride into History explores the history and contributions of the African American Cowboy in the Old West from the early migrations of Slaves from the South through the settling and taming of the West. This exhibit was assembled so as to be both informative and educational.

Contents: A Long Hard Ride Into History consists of 30 to 40 pieces including Black Cowboy Movie posters, original paintings and drawing by historian, artist, and collector Mr. Murphy Darden, books, newspaper clippings, and other artifacts taken from Mr. Darden’s extensive collection.


Type of Exhibit: Historical

Security Level: High